Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Carving Cornices

Carving cornices are normally used to decorate the ceilings. Of late, some of these cornices are used as furniture parts for decorative and ornamental purposes.
Gaudi mouldings prides itself in offering a wide choice of both contemporary and classical designs of PU cornices. The mouldings are all manufactured to provide sharp reliefs, quality finishes and consistent dimensions.

C1034 178mm  2440mm 7.01"  96.06"
C1035 125mm  2440mm 4.92"  96.06"
C1036 139mm  2440mm 5.47"  96.06"
C1037 126mm  2440mm 4.96"  96.06"
C1038 92mm  2440mm 3.62"  96.06"
C1039 121mm  2440mm 4.76"  96.06"
C104 130mm  2440mm 5.12"  96.06"
C1040 92mm  2440mm 3.62"  96.06"
C1041 25mm  24mm   0.98"  0.94"