Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Doors & Windows Surround

These mouldings are used as architraves for the doors. It exudes a classic elegance to the doors. Gaudi Mouldings provide flexibility to mix and match to your desired preferances.

Raised panels can also be applied to provide further outline relief to a bare door. It’s so easy. Just glue or nail the raised panels to your bare door and it transforms the door to that of a moulded carved door.

D504 80mm  319mm   3.15"  12.56"  
D506 773mm  507mm   30.43"  19.96"  
D507 672mm  507mm   26.46"  19.96"  
D509-48″ (Curve Arch) 1435mm  415mm   56.5"  16.34"  
D509A(Plain Keystone) 127mm  130mm   5"  5.12"  
D509B(Design Keystone) 127mm  130mm   5"  5.12"  
D509C 213mm  53mm   8.39"  2.09"  
D509F 175mm  2412mm   6.89"  94.96"  
D510 95mm  2018mm   3.74"  79.45"