Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Accessories & Stair Brackets

Accessories – Many designers use these accessories on a mix and match basis to create that little extra exuberance and life for better effects and aesthetic looks. Marvel the differences it brings with a little imagination.

Stair Brackets – They are designed to turn a bare stairway into a unique and elegant masterpiece. With Gaudi stair brackets, stairways can be now transformed into work of art.

S711-R 285mm  185mm   11.22"  7.28"  
S712-L 300mm  185mm   11.81"  7.28"  
S712-R 300mm  185mm   11.81"  7.28"  
S713-L 300mm  185mm   11.81"  7.28"  
S713-R 300mm  185mm   11.81"  7.28"  
S714-L 230mm  185mm   9.06"  7.28"  
S714-R 230mm  185mm   9.06"  7.28"  
S715-L 305mm  204mm   12.01"  8.03"  
S715-R 305mm  204mm   12.01"  8.03"