Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Ceiling Domes

Ceiling domes from the Gaudi Decor Collection is designed to transform your ceiling to provide a pleasant illusion of depth and class. The ceiling domes are made of fibre reinforced polyurethane(PU). It is a widely used polyurethane decorative products.

DM3525 1155mm  896mm  130mm 45.47"  35.28"  5.12"
DM3526 1111mm  915mm  117mm 43.74"  36.02"  4.61"
DM3528PB 39mm 1.54"
DM3528PT 38mm 1.5"
DM3528W-T 41mm 1.61"
DM3528WB 36mm 1.42"