Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Ceiling Roses

Traditionally, Ceiling Roses are used as a decorative piece on the ceilings to add grandeur to the chandeliers. Today, some designers are using ceiling roses as an decorative ornament made by polyurethane for the ceilings and walls. Gaudi’s ceiling roses offers the flexibility of having them coloured in our standard colours for an artistic outlook. Alternatively, it may be possible to request these to be specially coloured to your perfection at an additional cost by our artists.

R339 620mm 24.41"
R340 650mm 25.59"
R344 530mm 20.87"
R345 525mm 20.67"
R347 460mm 18.11"
R348 575mm 22.64"
R349 460mm 18.11"
R350 410mm 16.14"
R351 640mm 25.2"