Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Chair Rails

Chair Rails are very versatile in its usage. It is a widely used polyurethane decorative products. It can be used to decorate your ceilings to form outlines on a bare ceiling or it be used as railings for your walls especially to outline two sets of different wallpaper designs. Chair rails can also be assembled to transform as mirror or picture frames.

Gaudi mouldings offer a wide selection in this respect in relation to substitutes like wood. Some of the mouldings are also available in different standard lengths simultaneously (2 metre, 8 feet, 14 feet) for greater flexibility.

CR644 29mm  76mm  2440mm 1.14"  2.99"  96.06"
CR646 14mm  126mm  2440mm 0.55"  4.96"  96.06"
CR680 16mm  50mm  2440mm 0.63"  1.97"  96.06"
CR681 6mm  50mm  2440mm 0.24"  1.97"  96.06"
CR683 9mm  57mm  2440mm 0.35"  2.24"  96.06"
CR684 25mm  82mm  2440mm 0.98"  3.23"  96.06"
CR685 13mm  32mm  2440mm 0.51"  1.26"  96.06"
CR686 24mm  35mm  2440mm 0.94"  1.38"  96.06"
CR687 17mm  49mm  2440mm 0.67"  1.93"  96.06"