Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter


All Columns are normally sold as per standard whole piece length. If a desired length is required, it has to be expressly requested and acknowledged. Most of the columns are made of fibre reinforced PU.

L901 355mm  300mm   13.98"  11.81"  
L902 350mm  130mm   13.78"  5.12"  
L903 370mm  300mm   14.57"  11.81"  
L907 2400mm   94.49"  
L908 3150mm   124.02"  
L909 2773mm   109.17"  
L910 3138mm   123.54"  
L911 225mm  2000mm   8.86"  78.74"  
L912 225mm  2000mm   8.86"  78.74"