Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter


The Gaudi Decor Collection provides a cheaper alternative to wood; the decorative corbels that is made of polyurethane(PU). They are much lighter and easier to install. They can be carved into more intricate designs with sharper reliefs. The decorative corbels are normally applied to further enhance the columns and ceiling areas.

Today, some furniture designers are using these corbels as furniture parts as part of the ornaments.

The corbels are also very versatile as it can be finished to the outlook required like wood, marble and granite finish. It is also possible to use the corbels as shelving stands or supports.

B400 144mm  220mm   5.67"  8.66"  
B405 91mm  254mm   3.58"  10"  
B420 100mm  100mm   3.94"  3.94"  
B450 116mm  303mm   4.57"  11.93"  
B813 182mm  223mm   7.17"  8.78"  
B814 159mm  282mm   6.26"  11.1"  
B815 156mm  269mm   6.14"  10.59"  
B816 172mm  265mm   6.77"  10.43"  
B819 250mm  407mm   9.84"  16.02"