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Corners & Frames

Corners and frames are normally suited to outline bare ceilings and walls with some outline reliefs or patterns to turn the dull walls or ceilings to an elegant impression.

As the mouldings can be installed easily, many are exploring the above suggestions on a DIY (Do-it-yourself) approach.

It saves time and money. At the same time, you may marvel at your creation and workmanship.

CF3063C 355mm  355mm   13.98"  13.98"  
CF3063D 220mm  220mm   8.66"  8.66"  
CF3073A 380mm  380mm   14.96"  14.96"  
CF3073B 400mm  400mm   15.75"  15.75"  
CF3073C 265mm  265mm   10.43"  10.43"  
CF3075A-8 100mm  10mm  100mm 3.94"  0.39"  3.94"
CF3078-A 20mm  270mm  270mm 0.79"  10.63"  10.63"
CF3078-B 20mm  200mm  200mm 0.79"  7.87"  7.87"
CF3310A 400mm  155mm   15.75"  6.1"