Gaudi Decor - Polyurethane(PU) Architectural Mouldings Manufacturer & Exporter

Doors & Windows Surround

These mouldings are used as architraves for the doors. It exudes a classic elegance to the doors. Gaudi Mouldings provide flexibility to mix and match to your desired preferances.

Raised panels can also be applied to provide further outline relief to a bare door. It’s so easy. Just glue or nail the raised panels to your bare door and it transforms the door to that of a moulded carved door.

D515 1600mm  150mm   62.99"  5.91"  
D515A 170mm  169mm   6.69"  6.65"  
D516 1600mm  150mm   62.99"  5.91"  
D522A 200mm  132mm   7.87"  5.2"  
D522B 362mm  308mm   14.25"  12.13"  
D522L-1 762mm  435mm   30"  17.13"  
D522L-2 248mm  460mm   9.76"  18.11"  
D522R-1 758mm  435mm   29.84"  17.13"  
D522R-2 250mm  464mm   9.84"  18.27"