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Ornament Special

Our Ornament Special products are produced from high technology and its feature is with wood grain effects to provide you with exceptional wood a-like finishing. Products are being crafted by professional craftman, it can be painted easily according to each individual desire wood colour. ie: rose wood, walnut and etc.

AW6029R 198mm  84mm   7.8"  3.31"  
AW6030L 195mm  86mm   7.68"  3.39"  
AW6030R 195mm  86mm   7.68"  3.39"  
AW6031 110mm  58mm   4.33"  2.28"  
AW6032 90mm  50mm   3.54"  1.97"  
AW6033 21mm  70mm   0.83"  2.76"  
AW6034 27mm  83mm   1.06"  3.27"  
AW6035 41mm  105mm   1.61"  4.13"  
AW6036 310mm  130mm   12.2"  5.12"